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20 slides in 5 minutes

What is IGNITE?

the talks are only 5 minute on topics people are passionate about

slides auto advance every 15 seconds

topics you didn't know would be interested in

topics you want to know more about

people from all walks of life

sometimes talks are given from remote locations

bringing passionate people of the community together

speakers sharing ideas to think about and discuss

passionate speakers sharing ideas to inspire

serious subjects with some tongue and cheek

dark subjects presented with humor while the knowledge creeps in

topics that are nerdy, knowledgable and playful

topics you've always wondered about

given in some of the most artistic ways

given by people who weren't sure they could do it

but we’re glad they did

what's your passion?

we truly want to know

5 minutes and 20 slides of passion.

Come tell us about your passion.

IGNITE Bloomington 19

Place: Coming Soon
Day:Coming Soon
Time:Coming Soon

Going to The Combine?

If you are going to The Combine,
your IGNITE 18 ticket
is included.
Find out more

Interested in Giving a Talk?

Anyone can give a talk
for five minutes!
We’ll help with the format;
You bring the passion!

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